Ready for the World: Foot in the Door Pt. 1

This week, I got to discuss the animation industry with Leila, a fellow art student whose portfolio can be found here. We talked about the shift from 2D to CGI, the cost of getting your name out there, and how weird it is for strangers to see your portfolio. There’s more to the conversation that I want you all to hear, so I’m splitting this into two parts. Next week: the realization that nothing is guaranteed and the best of plans can go awry.

Emily Considine

Emily is a third-year art student and aspiring illustrator who works in pen, ink, pencil, and paint. She makes "Ready for the World," a weekly comic interviewing students in the arts about their plans after college and the state of the art world right now. If you're anxious about the future, this comic is for you.

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