3 Possible Sources of the Meaning of Life – Proust (Part 1)

I skimmed through the Zingerman’s newsletter until I came across an article bolded “art is the way you think.” This section reminded me of a conversation with Casey about finding fulfillment as stated by Marcel Proust in his novel “In Search of Lost Time.” In summary, Proust narrates the story of a man in search of the meaning of life. First, he thinks fortune will give him sentiment. He lives lavishly amongst the rich only to find that this was not fulfilling. Next, he thinks love will give meaning to his life, becoming enamored with a desirable woman until the value of that too fades. Finally, he discovers art and its capacity to restore life to new glory, taking pleasure in simple things. Using the lens of art, he finds true happiness.

Throughout my years in college, I have relished in feeling “rich” after a paycheck, and I’ve fallen in love in different ways, but alas, those sensations fade. Art, however, has been a resilient source of my happiness. Money and love can only be satisfied externally. When these sources are depleted, what begets happiness? Contrarily, art is sourced from within. It’s not necessarily painting on canvas or being an artist, but rather seeing the world as an artist does, appreciating the simplest of life’s components and assigning beauty to it as I do every week with the Arts at Michigan platform. Your choices and your perspective give you the power to produce your own happiness.


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