Public Art Around Campus

1. Orion 

The red Orion stands proud in between Angell Hall and UMMA. In 2018, it was removed to repair the stormwater drains underneath it and afterwards, it was sent back to the artist’s studio for restoration purposes. Then, a fundraising campaign was launched to include the sculpture into UMMA’s permanent collection. When Orion was gone, I remarked how empty the lawn looked.

2. The Anchor
Found at the bottom of Lake Michigan, these anchors were salvaged and placed near CGLAS offices in North Campus. The anchors were from 19th century sailing vessels.
3. Block M
Located near the Ross Athletic Campus, this 100,000 pound M is made from granite was gifted by two alumni.
4. American Eagle
Located near the south west entrance of Michigan stadium, this bronze eagle sculpture was intended as a memorial to all University men and women who gave their lives to serve the country.
5. Angry Neptune, Salacia and Strider
Serving as part of a collection from UMMA, these three figures are said to be ““at once dense and fragmented, the thick undergrowth of texture revealing inner voids and complex strands of bronze of extraordinary complexity. Majestic yet seemingly crippled, these headless forms evoke ancient, fossilized totems, their surface scarrings suggestive of the decay both of natural forces and of passing time.” (Quoted from UMMA website). These figures are located near the UMMA cafe.
6. Hamilton Fountain
Gifted by the mayor of Ann Arbor, Francis Hamilton, and unveiled in 1919 commencement. The figures etched onto the fountain represent Youth, Labor, Poetry and Philosophy.


(Images from UMMA)


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