Study Hal: Week 5 – A Very Good Helper

Hal’s been taking some online classes, and summer finals season is almost here. He’s been diligently trying to finish all of his work. But, his family’s dog, Sparky, is not a very good study partner. Sparky would much rather play…

Pets may not understand this whole “work from home” thing, but they do love hanging out with you. If you have a pet, I bet they would appreciate if you carved out some time to hang out with them.

Hal is a U-Mich student who’s living at his childhood home over the summer of 2020. He’s back with updates on his exploits and experiences every week. If you want to see more, search the Study Hal tag!

Leila Mullison

Hey there! My name is Leila. I'm a Stamps student in the class of '21, and I specialize in stop-motion animation. This summer, I'm making a series or videos inspired by my current situation: living in my hometown after my study abroad was cut short. Check out the tag "Study Hal" to see more!

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2 Comments on "Study Hal: Week 5 – A Very Good Helper"

1 month 27 days ago

Love these little animations. So cute. This one seems right one, with our furry coworkers trying to be helpful.

1 month 28 days ago