Artist Spotlight: Zipeng Zhu and the Razzle-Dazzle of Everyday Life

A few exciting words can be used to describe the design work of Zipeng Zhu: fabulous, vibrant, and loud. The Chinese-born designer now works in New York City, working on branding, posters, illustrations, physical environments, and anything design-related. Boasting past positions at Pentagram and Sagmeister & Walsh, Zhu founded and has run his creative agency, Dazzle Studio, since 2016. His self-stated mission is to “make everyday a razzle-dazzle musical.”

Zhu’s approach to design is refreshing to see in the graphic design world that is often white male-dominated and elitist. Instead, Zhu advocates for appreciating fun and beauty in ordinary life.

His Instagram is full of colorful projects informed by current events, AIDS advocacy, voting education, and more, including collaborations with Adobe and AIGA. What stands out from Zhu’s compositions are his immaculate knowledge of typography and color. Going against the grain of black and white minimalist design, the images are unapologetically brash–and of course, quite dazzling. The designer is also notably unafraid to dive into the digital-forward world and use it to heighten his projects.

Zipeng Zhu also runs Dazzle Supply, a shop that carries an array of posters, apparel, and cute gifts certain to brighten up anyone’s home. Ultimately Zhu uses his voice as a designer to bring light to important issues while highlighting the significance expressing yourself no matter what people say.

I Voted Sticker
Combat COVIDD Campaign
Garage Magazine
Eliqs Branding
Adobe Pride
Novo Brazil Brewing Co.
Work Balance Poster
Exit 2020
One of the mugs you can purchase at Dazzle Supply!


Student at the University of Michigan studying Art & Design and Communication & Media, hoping to create meaningful design for social impact. Every week I highlight an intriguing artist (or group of artists)!

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