The Indian Artist: The Year Ahead

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! After my two week hiatus, I decided to provide a quick update and story before the start of the new semester. I have a few new pieces in the work that I look forward to sharing with you all in the coming weeks. In this post, I wanted to share another tale…

Now that I have told you a few stories, I’m going to share something much greater and more beautiful than anything you have ever heard before. Hold onto your elephants, the stirring story I will tell you is about Radha Krishna. This proper way to pronounce it is Radha and Krishna; however, because they are just so deeply in love, their names are often combined into one. Incredible. I know. Enjoy!

My drawing of Radha and Krishna under the Banyan Tree; done in ink

Radha and Krishna were one soul, soulmates if you may. When Krishna was young, he would sit under the Banyan Tree and play his flute for the grazing cows. When Krishna played the flute, everyone and everything was put in a trance. All of the women would stop what they were doing, find Krishna, and start dancing around him in his love. Thousands of girls would run up to Krishna while he played the flute, trying to woo him.

He was the best-looking man in the world.  He had monsoon-blue skin, almond-shaped eyes, lotus-pink lips, curly black hair, a chiseled body, and a few peacock feathers in his hair to tie up the look. Krishna was also very naughty. He would flirt back with the girls and fulfill their desires. However, one girl, Radha, truly captivated him.  The whole universe yearned for Krishna but he yearned for Radha.  She was gorgeous, she had the purest heart, and the way she danced when he played the flute put him in a trance.

The problem was that Radha was married.  The worst barrier that could have risen! She tried to submerge any feelings for Krishna and love her husband but it was no use.  Eventually, she accepted her devotion to Krishna. She thought about Krishna every second of the day. However, Krishna was a King and had duties to fulfill so he was never able to marry Radha.

Radha and Krishna’s love wasn’t about being married, it was about being completely connected. They thought about each other every moment of their lives that they became one being in two bodies.  Whenever you hear the flute play or see a dance, Radha and Krishna are there invisibly enjoying themselves, too.  You cannot say Krishna without saying Radha, and you cannot say Radha without thinking of Krishna. Any picture you see of Krishna will never be complete without Radha.  Their love is an undying flame that will continue to burn.

So, as always, if anything that I discussed in this post stands out or if any questions arise please feel free to comment and share your thoughts! I hope you enjoyed this week’s story! Looking forward to next Sunday.


~ Riya


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My name is Riya and I am currently a Freshman at Umich. Art has been a huge passion of mine from a very young age and in this column, I look forward to sharing my perspectives and outlooks on life through my personal work!

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