Art Biz with Liz: Valentine’s Day Cards

Hello, Arts, Ink. readers! Last week, my blog post featured step-by-step instructions for making paper hearts. With just a few days left before Valentine’s Day, this week’s post will continue with the heart theme.

With its increasingly high expectations and commercialized pressures, Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bad rap; however, the tradition of writing “valentines” as a means of showing/encouraging love is a (mostly) untainted practice that I’m fond off. Card making, the craft of hand-making greeting cards, is also a pastime I enjoy. Birthday cards, “thinking of you” cards, you name it. Below are various paper hearts and cards that I’ve made this past week for my housemates, friends, and family members.

While these were made for Valentine’s Day, expressions of love are not reserved for holidays. If you have enough time, consider making your own card for a loved one. I don’t have an extensive collection of art supplies with me here in Ann Arbor, but it’s possible to make remarkable creations with just construction paper and stick glue. Some tips? Feel free to reuse leftover paper scraps and various shapes, which are great for playing around with different designs!

Elizabeth S

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a junior who enjoys writing about the presence of art in everyday life. Through this blog series, I'll be experimenting with different types of art and discussing how art relates to current events. I'll also be documenting my perspective on creative writing, literature, musicals, and more. Enjoy!

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