OTM #24: Snowman

Last week was so beautiful. I had never seen such unity – everyone was in the Umich Diag chatting and throwing snowballs at nearly midnight. Snowmen were being built all around town. I was out with a friend and ended up taking pictures with a bunch of them, feeling like I was looking through a museum exhibit. My friend even built her own tiny snowman (pictured to the right), made to look like Totoro from the Ghibli filmĀ My Neighbor Totoro. People even walked past to compliment us – it felt like a world out of a movie. So much love, all because of the winter air and snow (this, however, later dissipated as we watched a group of guys destroy peoples’ snowmen). Though it’s one degree outside right now, I’m still going to try and enjoy that sunlight and make the most of things. Have a great day everyone!


Hello, I'm Katelyn Sliwinski! I'm a current junior communication student with a background in digital illustration. I want to use my artwork to appreciate the mundanities of daily life; it's improved my mental health tenfold to just stop and look around once and a while, and I seek to capture that joy and show it to you!

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