The Artist’s Panel: Value

Hannah Levine-Drizin is a Stamps Senior with an interest in mixed-media arts. She has a successful business as a freelance artist that she maintains on top of her busy academic schedule. The most common artwork that people request from her is collaged pet-portraits, so her work is a must see for any animal enthusiast. Aside from making collage art, Hannah is also a talented animator and sculptor. After graduation, she will be applying to grad school to further pursue her studies in Art and Design. You can follow Hannah on her Instagram, @hannahldart, to see her impressive body of work.

The Artist’s Panel: Core

The 2020 STAMPS Juried Exhibition opened this Saturday! This comic is an illustration of my personal piece in the show, which is titled Four Letters To My Four-Year-Old Self. This piece a series of music boxes that, when combined, serve as an abstract self portrait. I’m excited to share a bit of my own work through this week’s comic, while also promoting a great show filled with amazing artists! If you haven’t already, please be sure to check out the exhibition. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is entirely virtual this year for your viewing pleasure. You can see the full exhibition at .

The Artist’s Panel: Intuition

Marjorie graduated from UofM with a major in Art & Design and a minor in writing last year. Aside from being an alumni of UofM, she is also an alumni of our very own arts, ink. blog! She is currently working independently and is focused on building her Patreon and getting back into making essay comics after a recent injury to her wrist. She credits her time at STAMPS and various writing programs on campus for providing her with the resources to foster her love of storytelling. She said about UofM’s library system: “There are tons of books that I never would have read and artists that I would never have been able to relate to if I hadn’t been wondering through the Stacks one day.”  If you would like to learn more about Marjorie and experience her impressive work, you can follow her on instagram @marjoriegaber. You can also support her on Patreon by following her profile, Marge Makes Comics. Be on the look out for an upcoming travel comic that she is working on! You won’t want to miss it.

The Artist’s Panel: Intersect

For a STAMPS freshman, Victor Luis Garcia already has an impressive list of achievements. He has sat court-side during a Lebron James All-Star game as recognition for his work as an ambassador for low-income aspiring college students, he has had his work on display at SAIC in Chicago, and, just last summer, he was a part of a mural project in collaboration with several renowned Chicago street-artists working to support the BLM movement and the communities where riots were taking place. Victor’s list of accomplishments goes on a lot farther than this, and by looking at his artwork, it is very apparent why. His design and illustration work is impressive and meaningful. He focuses on topics such as LGBTQ identity and intersectionality, and his unique style and thoughtful attention to detail represent these complex issues with elegance. To keep up with the work that Victor is producing and to learn more about his art, you can follow him on Instagram @craboi6.