Study Hal: Week 9 – Decompress

As summer is reaching its peak, the world seems to be getting more chaotic. Hal’s having trouble managing his anxiety because of it. Today, he snapped out of his anxious spiral when he saw his dog Sparky napping closeby. Sparky is really good at taking things as they come, and Hal has decided to adopt that mentality.

Hal would like to remind everyone that it’s alright to step away from the news to engage with what’s around you! Hal’s been spending with Sparky, but folks without pets could go for a walk, try a new recipe, or clean a long-forgotten area of their home. After all, it’s better to engage with the things we have control over than to stress about the stuff we can’t change.

Hal is a U-Mich student at home for this summer. He’s back with updates on his experiences every week, so check out the Study Hal tag for more of his thoughts and good vibes.

Study Hal: Week 7 – New Threads

Hal’s been making sure to cover his face when he heads out in public. He’s been using an old bandana because he’s stubborn and doesn’t like to buy new things, but a few weeks ago, he caved in and invested in a cloth mask for the school year. It finally arrived today! The only problem is that Hal didn’t think about the practicalities of wearing a mask with earloops when you don’t have any ears…

Don’t feel too bad for Hal! We’re gonna find something to hold the loops together in the back. Actually, tieing the earloops like that can take the pressure off your ears, making wearing a mask more comfortable over long periods of time. Very flexible wire is perfect for that kind of thing!

In case you haven’t met him yet, Hal is a U-Mich student who’s living at home over the summer of 2020. He’s back every week to share his experiences of living through this pandemic. If you want to see more videos, search the Study Hal tag.

Study Hal: Week 6 – Staying Active

Now that summer classes have wrapped up and his mental health is a little more sorted, Hal took time this weekend to be active… in his community! With the growing movements around racial injustice, LGBTQ+ rights, voter suppression, and healthcare, Hal sat himself down to fill out his absentee voter ballot application and write some postcards to his elected officials. Checking your voter status and corresponding with your reps are good ways to make sure your voice is heard while staying at home!

Requesting an absentee voter ballot is easy in Michigan, and you can learn more about it for your particular situation from your state’s government website. If you’re a student like Hal and you’re not sure where you’ll be living for the future elections, put your home address so your ballot won’t get lost at temporary housing. Your family can forward it to you wherever you end up!

Hal’s sending postcards to his elected officials because he feels like it draws more attention than an email. If you don’t have any postcards on hand and you have some spare change, you could buy some from a minority artist or an artist donating funds to a worthy cause!

Hal is a U-Mich student who’s moved back home for the summer of 2020. He’s here every week with updates on all of the wild things that have been coming with this pandemic. If you want to see more, search the Study Hal tag!

Study Hal: Week 5 – A Very Good Helper

Hal’s been taking some online classes, and summer finals season is almost here. He’s been diligently trying to finish all of his work. But, his family’s dog, Sparky, is not a very good study partner. Sparky would much rather play…

Pets may not understand this whole “work from home” thing, but they do love hanging out with you. If you have a pet, I bet they would appreciate if you carved out some time to hang out with them.

Hal is a U-Mich student who’s living at his childhood home over the summer of 2020. He’s back with updates on his exploits and experiences every week. If you want to see more, search the Study Hal tag!

Study Hal: Week 4 – Practice and Patience

In the quest to be more mindful, Hal has started learning about origami! It was supposed to be a way to relieve stress, but, he’s been frustrated that he can’t even make a paper crane… He was up late last night trying to get it to work. It seems like practicing and sticking with something can actually pay off!

Hobbies are a cool way to make time for yourself and feel productive at the same time. Reading, crafting, and making art all let you take a minute to breathe while they provide you with a concrete accomplishment! What hobbies have you been keeping up with?

Hal is a U-Mich student who’s moved home for the summer of 2020. Every week, he’ll be here to share his experiences of this odd time. If you want to see more, search the Study Hal tag!

Study Hal: Week 3 – Correspondence

It’s been an especially stressful week, so Hal’s taking it easy to take care of his mental health. One of his favorite ways to stay grounded is communicating with his loved ones. Hal’s been exchanging letters with his cousin Fil for a long while. Fil has a particular talent for drawing flowers, but, Hal could probably use a little art practice…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you haven’t checked in with your friends and family in a while, now is a good time to reach out. Maybe you can send a fun doodle of your own! Or, if you’re like Hal and you’re less artistically inclined, you could send a meme or joke instead.

Hal is a U-Mich student staying home for the summer of 2020. He’ll be around every week to share his experiences moving back home during this weird time.