Hakkun Update

Last post of this school year! It’s been a wild ride. Here is Hakkun and a few others. I wanted to figure out his cape as well as his outfit. It kinda turned into a fashion show. But I did figure out his spy outfit! He’s meant to be a fashionable guy so it makes sense for him to have a lot of outfits, even if I haven’t figured out his main one yet.


Dearest Dumb Boi Hakkun

I can’t believe it’s the end of the school year. I’m watching the snowfall out of my window as I type this.

This is Hakkun, one of my DnD characters. He’s a storm sorcerer/unauthorized genie warlock multiclass living in a “futuristic medieval” society. His genie’s vessel is a compass. I wanted to make him a very pretty and fashionable boy. I gave him a hat because I liked its silhouette although I do have trouble figuring out horn placement. I’m proud of his fancy-soled boots.

I mixed a lot of feminine-associated design elements into his design. I often have a hard time figuring out men’s fashion because most of it’s so plain compared to female fashion. I’m glad I did what I did about Hakkun, he looks so stylish!

Kortney with a K

Behold! Yet another dnd character! This one’s my genie warlock’s patron. She’s a Djinni, which means she’s an air genie. Her name is Kortney.

My warlock wants to be a rockstar, so I made Kortney this aged/retired rocker. I wanted to make her regal and punk, like rock royalty. Simple, elegant clothing and this stormcloud cape. It matches her mood and I hope I showed that. Also I gave her this glam, 1930s style hairstyle.

Kita Again

Upon placing Kita right next to her fellow player characters, I realized she looked way too modern. So I redid her. I wanted to keep her traveler aspect but I had to dial down the tourist part of her character design. I also toyed with her having openings on her boots in case she needed to release bees from her legs. I’m now working on making her face more inhuman with wider set eyes, etc.