Welcome to [art]seen!

Our [art]seen bloggers are University of Michigan students who review arts events on and around campus, sharing their thoughts and experiences on live music, film screenings, dance performances, theatre productions and art exhibitions. If you’re a U-M student interested in becoming a regular blogger, there may be a position available to get paid for your blogs! … Continue reading Welcome to [art]seen!

REVIEW: ComCo The Big Show

When my friends and I grabbed seats near the front of the Lydia Mendhelson theater we had arrived over 40 minutes early to ensure prime seats, and yet the first several rows were already packed with people.  Despite being held in a bigger venue than the past several shows I had been to, the seats … Continue reading REVIEW: ComCo The Big Show

REVIEW: Dance Mix 2017 The Galaxy Edition

What a night. I started walking over to the Power Center with my friend five minutes before the concert started to find a building packed with students. Before the first group took the stage, the organizers announced that this was the second sold-out concert in a row.   Some sold-out concerts don’t feel sold out. … Continue reading REVIEW: Dance Mix 2017 The Galaxy Edition

REVIEW- Insurrection: Holding History

Reading the synopsis of this play online had done little to prepare me and my friend for the powerful, and emotional journey into the US’s dark history of slavery that awaited us in the intimate space of the Arthur Miller theater. This interpretation of Robert O’Hara’s 1995 play was brilliantly adapted by the Department of … Continue reading REVIEW- Insurrection: Holding History

REVIEW: A Far Cry with A Roomful Of Teeth

Included in the slew of excellent UMS programs this year was last week’s concert featuring string orchestra A Far Cry and experimental vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth. The concert primarily represented the music of two groundbreaking contemporary composers, Caroline Shaw and Ted Hearne, as well as 20th century composer Prokofiev and Renaissance composer Josquin. The … Continue reading REVIEW: A Far Cry with A Roomful Of Teeth

REVIEW: Bronze Elegance Fashion Show

I’ve never been the most on top of the fashion world.  When I flipped through the pages of Vogue as a kid I could never put my finger on what made certain outfits so visually appealing. That being said, I was extremely excited to attend the Bronze Elegance annual fashion charity show this year, and … Continue reading REVIEW: Bronze Elegance Fashion Show