Cirque du Solei: Allegria in East Lansing, Mi!

I heard about Cirque du Solei during my Freshman year when my Freshman year roomate showed me some youtube videos of their acts. Ever since then I have always wanted to go.

I was on facebook the other day when my friend posted “Anyone want to go to Cirque du Solei with me?” in his status. It came up in my mini-feed and the rest is history.

The show took place at the Breslin center in East Lansing, but seeing as to how this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I quickly bought tickets and make the trip to see the show on a Wednesday night.

Though it was my first time a circus of any type, I knew to expect spectacular.

The show started with a small clown skit. The performers made the skits especially interesting by interacting with the audience. A couple audience members were pulled to the stage during various parts of the performance, and at the end, a performer handed a toddler her flower. From the balcony, it really seemed like the floor seat experience was truly a cool experience.

There were many mind blowing acts such as acrobats and contortionists and such, however, my favorite were the clown skits. There was a series in particular that I especially liked. There were two clowns who playfully and skillfully had a fun time on the stage playing with paper airplanes. The performers did a great job in conveying emotions, ideas and thoughts through their clown characters. These two clowns acted as if they were young brothers playfully teasing one another while at the same time conveyed the idea of a strong bond.

The show was a mixture of flashy acts and clown skits.

It was definitely worth the $35 and the trip to East Lansing on a Wednesday night.