REVIEW: UM Men’s Glee Club Spring Concert

As always, UMMGC left it all on the stage last night at their Spring Concert in Hill Auditorium. The performance was spectacular and their director, Dr. Eugene Rogers, should be thoroughly congratulated for a job well done. The precision with which those men perform is absolutely admirable. While I was listening, I couldn’t help but remark how all of their faces expressed so much joy in being on stage and performing with their fellow clubbers. It was fantastic.

A distinct highlight of last night’s performance was the Friar’s performance just after intermission. The Friar’s is the Men’s Glee Club’s a cappella group, a small, auditioned subset of the larger group. They wowed us away with their utter hilarity and charm – I know I wasn’t the only girl swooning when they hit those high notes.

My favorite song of the night by far was the Harriet Tubman song in the second half. A spiritual crying, “Harriet Tubman didn’t take no stuff!” – it was uplifting, inspiring, and, in my opinion, an accurate portrayal of the amazingly courageous woman she was. They had Robert Hurst, renown bassist and professor at the UM School of Music, Theatre, & Dance, play on the bass alongside a fantastically rhythmic drummer. It was absolutely awesome.

Job well done to the Men last night of UMMGC and (shameless plug) if you liked what you saw last night, be sure to check out the UM Women’s Glee Club, Sunday April 21st at 4pm, Hill Aud as well as the upcoming Friar’s concert next Friday.