PREVIEW: Logic: Who Can Relate?

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On Friday, March 30th, the University of Michigan will be hosting Logic, a Grammy Award winning rapper, to perform in historic Hill Auditorium as part of its Mental Health week.  The ability to land a star like Logic to headline a week for a cause as important as Mental Health awareness is a huge boon to the success of the week as a whole.  While Logic will perform a full concert’s worth of music, including his recent hit, 1-800-273-8255, the event will feature more starpower than just him.  Actor Glenn Close and football player Brandon Marshall will both be in attendance and contributing to the event in some way.  Both have significant ties to Mental Health awareness initiatives and charities.  Close founded her own charity, BringChange2Mind, to help get rid of the discrimination that surrounds mental illness, in support of her sister, who has bipolar disorder.  Marshall was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and has been a huge advocate for the destigmatization of it ever since he went public about his personal situation.  The event will feature other guest performers and speakers who will address various topics within the scope of mental health.  It sounds like it will be an exceptional night that will combine incredible music making with powerful mental health awareness presentations to truly create an impact on the way we, the students at the University of Michigan, view mental health in Ann Arbor and everywhere else we go.


ajayw is a freshman in SMTD and Economics. It is his first year reviewing for art[seen]. As a music student, ajayw takes great interest in reviewing the music events on campus, especially those brought in by UMS.

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