PREVIEW: Special Talk with Yo-Yo Ma: Culture, Understanding, and Survival

On February 26 at 7 pm in Hill Auditorium, legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma will present a talk entitled “Culture, Understanding, and Survival” that will “explore the role culture can play in helping us to imagine and build a better future, drawing on examples from his own life as a musician and citizen.”

Don’t be turned away by the fact that this event is a talk and not a performance (though the rumor is that Mr. Ma will have his cello on him to provide musical illustration)! Though he has achieved pop-culture status as one of the greatest musicians of our time, he is also extremely intentional and human. I once listened to a podcast in which he compared mistakes onstage to Julia Child dropping a chicken on the floor, picking it up, and putting it back in the pan, which in addition to being hilariously funny, proves his down-to-earth and relatable perspectives. I am extremely excited to listen and learn from what Mr. Ma has to say.

Tickets may be purchased online or at the Michigan League Ticket Office. As always is the case for UMS events, student tickets are $12-20, depending on seat location.

On February 27, Mr. Ma will also host a Day of Action in Flint, Michigan, which will culminate with a celebration of Flint in a community cultural showcase at the historic Berston Field House.

“All the things I love about life outside music have to do with people, and playing the cello allows me to fulfill all those interests through music.”

– Yo-Yo Ma



JM is a dual degree student in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and the College of Engineering. Some of her favorite things include running, reading, all things creative, purple, and zebras.

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