PREVIEW: Art in the Age of the Internet

Wednesday I will be going to the University of Michigan Museum of Art to see the Art in the Age of the Internet exhibit. This exhibit centers on the way the internet has changed visual art from 1989 to today. The exhibit features a range of some of contemporary art’s greatest artists in a variety of mediums. The exhibit was first organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. The UMMA first welcomed this exhibit in December of 2018 and it will be closing on April 7th, so now is your time to see it before the exhibit closes! I was given a small preview of the exhibit before Spring Break when my African American History course took me to the museum for a special viewing of pieces related to our course. Before ending our class at the UMMA our guide took us up to the Art in the Age of the Internet exhibit to highlight a few pieces related to Black representation and activism today. We viewed a digital piece with a very literal representation of the internet featuring a grid of screens that utilized an algorithm to pull clips from the internet focusing on Black activism and police brutality. The piece changes daily, so I’m curious to see what this piece looks like Wednesday.

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