PREVIEW: The Believers Are But Brothers

The Believers Are But Brothers is a production that I already know will stand out in my mind when I think of theater in the future. Showing tonight and throughout this weekend, this show portrays the radicalization of young men today, using multimedia techniques to illustrate what it means to become a politically-minded person in the internet age.


For a $15 student ticket, you can come see this piece something that will either be a great statement on the polarization political culture of the United States or a cheesy attempt at alt-right condescension. This piece is an important venue of self-reflection, not only in ourselves but in how our peers are digesting and translating an alarming sector of American culture– and more importantly, of youth culture.

Angela Gosselin

Angela is a junior studying History of Art, Media and Communications, and Museum Studies in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She's a big fan of putting art on walls and looking at it.

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