PREVIEW: Men on Boats

Men in Boats is a new production from the department of theatre and drama that features an all-female cast. It is a satire about “a team of 10 men led by naturalist John Wesley Powell set out on an expedition to catalogue the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon—the first white settlers to do so.”

I am excited to see this because every SMTD production I have gone to has been phenomenal. Right from the acting to stage setup to the lighting all is done impeccably. The all-female cast also has a lot to bring to the table especially considering this drama has comic elements in it. I am looking forward to seeing how they bring in comedy to a play set in 1869 that makes current audiences laugh. Regardless of how the play tackles this, I am sure it will be a unique experience so if you want to see something amazing during the weekend head to to buy yourself a ticket to this fun event.


I want you to see all the fun things I see in events so here are my first-hand accounts of them. I am not an expert on things I see so I give just an average Joe or Josephine's view on the world of arts. Let me know if I say something that tickled your funny bone ^.^

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