PREVIEW: Journey of Self-Discovery

From September 19 through 30th, from 12-6pm. come see Richard Moizio’s exhibit, Journey of Self-Discovery at the Duderstadt Center Gallery! 

Moizo seems to really value the audience’s experience of taking in their art, and writes: “To experience an interesting piece of art is to feel ALIVE. It propels one out of reality (for a moment) and transcends the spirit to a special place much like a spiritual awakening or an encounter with God… Mindfulness is the goal.”

Journey of Self-Discovery invites the viewer to take a peek into Moizo’s artistic process, which they describe as therapeutic and one of self-discovery. “It is a chance to play like a child and to allay fears/worries and to lose the confines of the world around you.  It offers you a chance to dream, dance and explore unknown worlds,” just like that of a story, or any other artistic form, such as literature, film, or music. 

It’s interesting that Moizo seems to really emphasize their artistic process, but doesn’t mention what kind of art this is, or what it’s about; we’ll just have to go and see for ourselves. 

Moizo’s words draw a lot of connection to this John Cleese speech about Creativity in Management I watched for my Creative Communities class. It’s always cool to see how art I see in the world connects to things I’m learning in school. I hope to draw more personal connections and exciting comparisons through viewing this exhibition!

Read more about the exhibit here:

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