PREVIEW: Comic Potential

This weekend Basement Arts, a student-run organization that provides a creative outlet for students interested in theatre, as well as FREE performances put on for students and Ann Arbor community members, will be performing “Comic Potential”, about a future where robots are performers, and one robot discovers that she can be funny. A writer discovers … Continue reading PREVIEW: Comic Potential

REVIEW: “Einstein on the Beach”

In order to avoid reciting a less than satisfactory, Wikipedia synopsis of Einstein on the Beach’s history and critical interpretation, here is the link to the University Musical Society’s summary of the opera: Now that that is out of the way, I want to reflect on my terrifically incredible experience at this past Friday … Continue reading REVIEW: “Einstein on the Beach”

PREVIEW: Wintry Mix by Appreciate and Reciprocate

Hello friends, nothing to do this Friday night? At 8pm, come support a wonderfully musical presentation featuring multiple groups on campus sponsored by the group Appreciate and Reciprocate. Appreciate and Reciprocate is “a community of Michigan scholarship students devoted to enriching the cycle of giving from which they’ve benefitted” ( With a sort of “pay … Continue reading PREVIEW: Wintry Mix by Appreciate and Reciprocate

PREVIEW: Chris DuPont at The Blind Pig

Already need a break from studying? Check out Chris DuPont live at The Blind Pig! The local musician plays easy-on-the-ears ambiant folk-rock. You’ll be sure to hear plenty of original tunes from his most recent album “Lay No Claim.” The performance is not just a solo act. DuPont is accompanied by several other musicians, including Katie … Continue reading PREVIEW: Chris DuPont at The Blind Pig