PREVIEW: The Vagina Monologues

For the past five years, the group Students for Choice has put on the Vagina Monologues at U of M. In case you don’t know, the choice is a live performance of Eve Ensler’s play of the same name. As you can probably tell, vaginas will be mentioned often, and in detail.

From the event page:

TVM raises awareness about the violence against women and girls, celebrates women’s sexuality, and talks about experiences excluded from the dominant narrative.

When: Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18 from 8:00-10:00 PM
Where: Rackham Auditorium.
Cost: $5 in Advance and $10 at the door
All ticket proceeds go to SafeHouse Center and V-Day.

Also feel free to like and explore the UofM Vagina Monologues Page!


PREVIEW: Hijabi Monologues

By now many of you have heard of or even experienced the surge in hate crimes against Muslims–especially Muslim women that wear headscarves (Hijabs).

This event will begin with a teach-in, followed by student monologues about their experiences wearing hijabs.

Here you will learn about the history of the hijab, poems, stories, and who knows what else!

Even better, the event will have a FREE DESSERT BAR

Date: February 3rd

Time: 7 – 9 PM

Place: Amphitheater Auditorium, Rackham

Here is the link to the Facebook event


Review: Moth Night at Circus Bar

Think of the phrase “hot mess.” Now think of time when your life has been a hot mess, or when you have listened–dutifully–as a friend told you about their hot mess. This was The Moth in a nutshell.


Although over three hundred people were packed into the room, with dozens standing in the back (including me), each story felt intimate and unrehearsed.

The first story, about one man’s ex-fiance that was 90% perfect, and 10% crazy whenever she drank, warmed us up for the night. Three teams of judges gave their scores after his five minute story, and the results were tallied on a white board at the front of the room. Just like the Olympics.

Satori Shakoor was the emcee for the night. The director of Twisted Storytellers in Detroit, I probably would have paid money just to see this woman perform. Between personal anecdotes, readings of the prompt the audience filled out, and reactions to the storytellers, Satori wove the night together in a way only a superior emcee can do. I think the best part about her was that she never made the night feel awkward, even when there were several potentially awkward moments.

Which brings me back to the stories. One young man decided to go backpacking in the middle of Alaska with friends. That went about as well as you think it would have gone. Another woman–only eighteen–talked about putting two cars out of commission on the way to an appointment. A local story pitted a good Samaritan against a Hawaiian-shirted thief.


The winner, and without a doubt the best performance of the night, came from a man with a metal plate in his collar bone that had to get an MRI. Although the story itself was not the best of the night, his skill in telling it had all the right twists, a gag that was repeated without being repetitive, and a final shock that turned into a happy ending.

Each story of the night was different, and even with the theme of “hot mess,” common denominators like alcohol and drugs only made it into a few of the ten stories of the night.

I was shocked and impressed that all of the storytellers spoke clearly and concisely. Some stories were better than others, yes, but not a single one of the stories was boring or overly lengthy. In fact, I wish at least one of them had kept going.


PREVIEW: Moth Night at Circus Bar

The Moth
The Moth

The Moth is a well-known podcasts and stand-up format where professionals and amateurs alike tell personal stories based on a theme.

Circus Bar hosts The Moth on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, including this Tuesday, October 18th. This week’s theme is Hot Mess. Taken from the web site:

“Prepare a five-minute story about spectacular chaos. Faux pas and flamboyant fails. Calamitous confusion. Wearing two different shoes to work, butt dialing your ex, tanking an interview. Disheveled dramas and situations so tangled there is no hope of straightening things out.”

Stories begin at 7:30 and tickets are $10

PREVIEW: Word of Mouth StorySLAM: Before & After



Wednesday March 13th, 2013

The Gallery Project

Doors at 7:00 pm

Word of Mouth is back for our second event of 2013. Never been to our slams before? Audience members tell five-minute stories from their lives related to a theme. The friendly competition includes appetizers and live music courtesy of The Vail House Band.

In collaboration with The Ginsberg Center, this month’s theme focuses on stories of Before and After. Having recently returned from their spring break service trips, students will be full of stories of how their expectations, impressions, or understanding of the places and people they’ve encountered have changed from Before to After.

But the slam is not just for students who went on ASB trips! If you have stories of service, transformation, change, or times passing, come share your tales of Before and After with us!

You should notice that we’ve moved! If you’re used to seeing us at Work Gallery on State Street, don’t fret. We are trying a new space. The Gallery Project on 4th Street is a gorgeous, not-for-profit art house that features contemporary art from local creators. Click here for more info on the gallery and here for directions.

Can’t wait to see you there! In the meantime, check us out online:




To get emails about more upcoming events and workshops or to join our planning crew, shoot us an email.

PREVIEW: Word of Mouth Story GRAND SLAM

That time is here! The Word of Mouth GRAND SLAM.
The final event of the year is taking place at the usual spot on the usual day at the usual time:
The Work Gallery, 306 State St.–Friday, April 6th– 6 pm

Spring is here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. In honor of the mom’s who we so love and who inspire many a good story, the theme of this month’s event if “Moms.” And yes, be certain to check the accompanying graphics because they are FUNNY, and artista  extraodinaire Hannah Hillier rocks, and they make me think of moms (and people who love their moms).
Story tellers include past winners and runner-ups who will battle it out for the ultimate story-telling title of the year. We are bound to have a solid line-up of veteran raconteurs who are sure to deliver. Also, this means that if you hesitate from attending because you have stage-fright, don’t worry! There’s no risk this time that your name will be called out of the hat. So sit back, and enjoy! Our lovely MC of the night is Davey C– don’t miss him in action.
So come and join us one last time this year. Free food, live music, great company, and good old stories about Moms.
See you there!

Word of Mouth