What the F: Your Monthly Periodical


What the F is a feminist organization on campus that engages in the fight towards equality in a multitude of ways. Each year, What the F publishes multiple print magazines that include a wide variety of writing styles, voices, and artistic expressions. We also run a continuous blog where writers and artists can react to more relevant issues at any time. In an effort to build community and activism on campus, we believe it is important to push past the boundaries of what it means to be a traditional publication. As an organization, we hold multiple events throughout the semester that promote discussion, evoke empowerment, and provide an alternative social setting for students. In our writing, our artistic expression, and our events, What the F is dedicated to a form of feminism that values intersectionality and inclusively. We recognize that individuals face oppression through multiple different facets of their identity, whether it be through gender, race, nationality, sexual identity, religion, ability, etc. We aim to support, to heal, and to express ourselves freely. Reach out to whatthefmagazine@gmail.com if you would like to get involved in our community!

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