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~Sappy Daze~ Day 2

Summer Sun Tastes More 

memorable than mulberries, a fruit 
more known for staining
the sidewalks and chalk 
sketches than its sweet taste. 

Still, I like Autumn better: the smell of 
a pumpkin’s pimply skin. Scenes 
of sinking skulls that trick 
children for treats. Screams 
of scattering leaves. The sweet taste 
of fear, the chilly air. 
Feeling the euphoria of fading 
warmth before freezing.

Witness the Small Life – Serenade on Comm South

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post for my series Witness the Small Life. Through weekly doodles and photo-collages, I hope to encourage myself and you all to remember to stop, smell the roses, and appreciate the littlest parts of our lives that make them full.

A quick little introduction of me: My name is Mia and I’m currently a freshman studying Art and Design! I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota but I’m happy I get to call Ann Arbor home now too. Some of my favorite artists include: Basquiat, Norman Rockwell, Julie Mehretu, and Ricardo Levins Morales (also from Minneapolis!). I currently love illustration and printmaking, and I’m hoping to become a teaching artist (or something along those lines) when I graduate. Besides art, I also love to crochet, roller skate, watch really cheesy movies, and listen to pretty much every genre of music under the sun.

With every drawing I do, I’ll include a little blurb about it/the things that happened within my week. Consider these posts a kind of diary/word salad/thought catcher of sorts. This week was a little bit of a hard one. I’ve been getting super homesick and with a bunch of last minute work right before spring break, everything felt extremely overwhelming. But, I’m lucky to have friends here to pull me out of those difficult moments and spend time singing on buses in the middle of the night with me. This week, I also took time to draw for myself instead of just for class. Keeping a steady art practice is so important! I’m so neglectful of making art for me and not for the sake of others, so even if it’s just a doodle a day it really helps to just do it! Even if everything you make sucks (in theory!) or you feel the imposter syndrome coming on yet again, consistency is key.

I’m a person who has a lot of thoughts, so I hope to share these with you to start our new weeks refreshed and with some words to chew on. I’m a big list fan, so here’s a list of my ins and outs for our upcoming spring break week!

Ins: Singing MORE, taking time to just sit in silence and stare at things, patching up holes, watching more movies on DVD, napping midday with the curtains open, smiling at strangers even if they don’t smile back.

Outs: Letting dirty dishes pile up, wearing too-tight shoes at the wrong times (even if they look super cool), sleeping in my mascara, popping cough drops like they’re candy, forgetting to text people back even if it’s just liking a video they sent.

Have a fantastic spring break and enjoy the small life out there! <3

Capturing Campus: February

Falling from Floating

have you ever had a dream
lasting only a second
waking in a cold sweat
wide-eyed panic
falling into something
letting go, just existing
in a moment
the feeling, so terrifying
you’re woken
by a mind, rigid
refusing to loosen
the comfortable grip
that keeps you grounded
not floating
and you can’t help but wonder

would you have fallen
if you weren’t afraid

Chapter 1

Hi! Welcome to Captured Moments!

This week, I am sharing a day in my life as a piano performance major. Tuesday February 20th, I began my day with my theory class. 

9:30 AM 

I am taking Theory 140- Aural Skills to develop my understanding of the harmonies and structures that are an important part of music.

11:30 AM

Then, I have piano forum. This class is an opportunity for all piano performance majors  to perform for the piano department as well as for each other. For this week’s class, we had Eric Lu present a masterclass. He is the gold medal recipient of the Leeds International Piano Competition 2018. I really enjoyed his presentation!

12:30 PM

After, I had my sight-reading class. This class is super helpful for me as it teaches me different techniques to sight read and comprehend music faster. I am working on sight reading Beethoven’s Sonata Op.14.

3 PM

My next class is on central campus. I take the bus to the MLB where my French class is. During this class, I am currently working on a blog about Fort-De-France. 


I take the bus back to the School of Music, and I practice for the rest of the day. 

See you next week 🙂

Wonky Star-Possessed Yim

This started as a page of concepts for my character Yim when they get possessed by a very powerful star-themed Fae-Dragon. I had the general outfit mapped out and I think I could push the design more, make everything more eldritch and godlike. I also wondered if I should give Yim’s new form horns instead of a halo of stars. So far, I think horns would be harder to draw.

My real character design breakthrough with this page was Yim’s hair. I made their hairstyle side-parted jumbo braids with an undercut. I watched a video explaining how to achieve that hairstyle, and I think I stylized it rather well. There’s a lot of great reference images online.

Aside from that, I also added some character doodles.