Chapter 6

Hello, and welcome bace to Captured Moments! This week, I picked Thursday, 28th, as a day to show what I did.


I started the day with a test in Music Theory. The test had material had material on seven diminished chords, passing 6/4 chord, pedal 6/4 chord, and cadential 6/4. I found it challenging to differentiate between these chords because they all look and sometimes sound similar, but each chord has a purpose. For example, the seven diminished chord creates tension and acts as a leading tone. Once you hear it in a piece, you can identify them easily because there is a certain quality of sound that you can hear.


Next, I had my weekly lesson. I performed Chopin Ballad No.3, and I found some things that I had been practicing on show up seamlessly during my playing. There are still some things, dynamics and flow, that I need to work on, but the progress is going well!


Then, I have my French class on central. I am learning about superlatives and comparatives. Also, I can start to see some connections between learning French and in classical music. I can pronounce French music pieces that I was not able to before, and I also know some culture that I can incorporate into my playing to evoke certain emotions.


I had a wellness check up for my hand and hearing. I received very good advice on how to keep my hand in good posture, as well as some stretches to do before and after I practice. I received a hand brace to prevent my wrist from bending while I sleep. I also received earplugs to wear when I am working with large ensembles. The SMTD wellness program is very helpful for musicians like myself!


I practiced the rest of the day before I perform at my jury!

Hannah Park

Hannah Park is a freshman piano performance major at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Captured Moments is a series in which she shares her day in the life, and her thoughts on the latest music industry news.

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