S3 Scribble #23: Surrendering

“Self-protection was in times of true danger,”

This week, I gave a speech in front of my sorority. One of our traditions is to let seniors speak about their experiences and reflect on their time at Michigan and in our chapter, and, being a senior, I decided to give a speech this year. When writing it, I looked back on all the special moments that I’ve had with the close friends I’ve made throughout my four years at the University of Michigan. Writing it in my bedroom and reading it in front of the chapter both made me very emotional. The friends that I’ve made here are special and irreplaceable. Even though I graduate in less than two weeks, I cannot imagine my life without being surrounded by these wonderful people. 

“Your best defense to mistrust and be wary,”

Before going to college, I didn’t know I would be able to find such an amazing group of friends. I’ve always been pretty extroverted, but in high school I struggled with being vulnerable around my friends and was scared to open up, lean on them for emotional support, or seem to show them any sort of weakness. Upon getting to the University of Michigan, I started to realize that I would only form lasting, genuine friendships if I was able to show my friends all sides of myself – even the parts of me I was initially scared to show them. Slowly but surely, I was able to practice vulnerability. Now, as a senior, my friends are my second family. It’s a privilege to live among best friends who never judge me, who are there for me even when I’m not feeling like my usual, bubbly self, and who love me for exactly who I am.

“Surrendering, a feat of unequaled measure,”

Turns out, being vulnerable and honest with my friends has its perks – I trust them wholeheartedly and don’t have to worry about them leaving me behind or turning their backs on me in the future.  I will forever be grateful that I was able to open up, because I now realize that the types of relationships I have and value would not be possible if I never showed vulnerability. College has been a time of incredible personal growth, but it has also connected me with some of the most special and treasured people I have ever known. Even though I am sad to leave Ann Arbor after graduation, I know that these bonds will stay with me forever.

“And I’m thrilled to let you in.”

Listen to Surrendering by Alanis Morissette here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1JmZHHkqME

Sydney Braun

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