Chapter 8

Hello, and welcome back to Captured Moments! This week, I am showing a day (April 9th) in my life.


I went to my aural theory class. Today, I learned about sentences and periods and how to identify the difference between the two in a piece. I listened to many examples, ranging from Beethoven to the movie “Frozen”, and identified if the song was a sentence or period. A sentence in musical terms has one cadence in the end and begins with a basic idea. This basic idea is then repeated and fragmented. On the other hand, a period has two cadence. The first cadence is weaker than the final cadence. The picture I provide is a catchy song I learned that is an example of a sentence!


I then went to my sight-reading class. Today, I sight read a movement from a Beethoven piece. This class is very helpful for pianists as it helps us sight read faster and accurately!


I went to central campus for my French class. I had a journal-like test in class today in which I wrote about my daily routine.


The last thing I did today was practice. Juries (final for piano performance major) are coming up, so I practice as much as I can.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Hannah Park

Hannah Park is a freshman piano performance major at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Captured Moments is a series in which she shares her day in the life, and her thoughts on the latest music industry news.

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