~Sappy Daze~ Day 11

Taiwan is the Sweltering Heat 

where stray cats purr and street 
food hisses. Stinky tofu stinks 
of unassumed deliciousness,
daring the foreigner to try it. 

Umbrellas are used 
on sunny days but can’t 
protect you from getting wet, 
so changing clothes three 
times a day is a must. 

The clothes first stained 
with sweat are then hung 
up to dry on the rusty chains 
crisscrossing the balcony, 
a constant victim of the 
perpetrator that is the weather. 

- Sappy


Hello! I'm Sappy, a Junior majoring in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. Most of what inspires me comes from life experiences, which is actually what inspired the title of my series. ~Sappy Daze~ is a collection of weekly poems that peeks into how Sappy passes the days with a sappy daze (._.) Though writing is my main art form, I'm also interested in music, drawing, and film. I've written reviews for musicals and concerts on campus as a writer for art[seen]. I created an Instagram (@sappy._.daze) for the poetry I'll post here. Thank you for checking out my page! I hope you enjoy :D

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