A Day in a Week in a Semester – Life Drawing #1

Hello! My name is Hannah and I’m a sophomore in computer science in LSA. This is my first post to this blog and I’m very excited to start! I guess I should explain the premise behind my posts and also the title I’m using for this series.

The drawings I’ll be showing in these blog posts will depict snapshots of my daily life around campus. These can vary from cartoons of funny things I saw on my commute to class, or life drawings of locations I find visually interesting. I was thinking that it might be fun to see the stress of a CS student’s life through the lens of a cartoon artist.

The above drawing is a life drawing I did in my friend’s apartment on Sunday while we were studying. Or more precisely my friends were studying and I was doing absolutely nothing, basking in the lull between my midterms and my regular school work starting up again. I really liked the cozy feeling we had going on that particular day and I think my friend’s apartment has some really interesting visual elements, so I drew the apartment, hoping to capture the vibe of that moment. I did it all with micron pen on mixed media paper, barely managing to draw straight, coherent lines.

Well, that’s all for this week! I hope to bring some more variety with my other drawings and some more comedy. This drawing is pretty somber compared to what I usually draw! See you next week!



Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm a sophomore in CS. However, visual arts and illustration are a key part of who I am, so I try to make time to draw every week in my sketchbook, capturing the things and people I see around me. I hope to convey a little of the magic I see in my every day life to you all!

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