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One AirPod is gonna be like a hundred dollars so I might as well buy another set.

Absolutely not. Whenever I think of Apple I think of that one show where he says, “oh Apple just came out with a new phone, guess we all have to –“ and then the phone breaks.

Denver International Airport, 4:00PM, 1/8/2024

the phone rings and i let my fingers strum the notes of your ringtone, seeing your face mouth the words that vibrate in the air. you are calling, of course, but the day is just begun and already it seems half wasted. my fingers tremble, holding the backspace key like a pillow over the face. the words disappear, screen stripped to its underside, neon flashes imprinted behind my eyelids. there will be more days and more nights and the creek will thaw and the birds will sing and i will persist. you will persist too.

You’re so opinionated about it!

Well, there’s a lot of opinions to be had…

Dow Building, 10:30AM, 3/4/2024

how can there be new stories without new words? when i was little you told me that each human is unique. i asked what made them human and you did not answer, as if caught in a lie. perhaps you are not human yourself? now i know there is no new dna either. our mouths, conduit of thought, a polymerase of sorts, runs untamed because who is to tame the creator? i smiled and it was easier to observe your reaction, as if a mirror would do an unjustice–we were never meant to see our own faces, after all.

I told her to do her own research and she was like, [growls] “I have!”

Hill Auditorium, 2:30PM, 4/10/2024

the sun does not want to stay. sometimes i see her struggling through the fog, weeding through the clouds, condemned to rise every day. she will smile if she sees the moon, splashed across the blue like a birthmark, calling her name. poisoned tongue, toxic attraction. on earth we soak up brackish water from the roots and spit them out to the sky. the earth spins around and the ants watch from below and marvel at the flatness, the emptiness, the center of the universe visible to only those who wish to see it.


Real quotes, fictional stories. Let yourself be drawn to the flame of life. Face the sky like there is no tomorrow. Freedom is not measured in years but in the unbridled dance of the soul.

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1 month 8 days ago

I appreciate that you use these little snippets of conversations as inspiration fo poetry. Always look forward to reading your posts!