Fiber Fridays #5: Arduino + Processing

Hey everyone,
This week I am super excited to show you a sustainability + ecological project I and my partner Yueshan Jiang have been working on in my creative coding class for our final.

This semester I have been focusing on how to make my fiber arts more interactive for the viewer. I initially learned how to code using Processing, an artist focused programming language. I learned how to be able to manipulate images, create video games etc. Later in the semester us students were taught how to use an Arduino kit to wire interact art installations.

I’ve had an extremely fun time learning these skills and find them really useful to incorporate into my artwork.

Yueshan and I have created this sculpture together to shed more light on the current global climate crisis and it’s relationship to the ocean.

“Our world is currently suffering a global climate crisis. Our oceans are raising in temperature, killing off sea life. The warming oceans cause thermal stress which causes coral bleaching and infectious disease. Sea levels rising also leads to sediments smothering coral. The intention of this interactive experience is to feel a connection between human and sea life. Intended to be immersive and interactive, this piece promotes human impact on the climate crisis as well as instills empathy for our ocean life. ”

How it works: (Stripped straight from our proposal)
“We will use the ultrasonic sensor to pick up on human movement. The closer the viewer is to the coral, the more violent the wave in the background becomes. The light in the central coral sculpture will turn a threatening color. Audio will increase causing the viewer to feel tense. As the viewer moves away, the color returns calm, as does the visual and audio being presented. This sensor will take this information and send it to the Arduino, which will tell processing how to change the visual. The Arduino is responsible for changing the light colors in the sculpture. “

I recently declared a minor in geology and the earth is becoming ever more important to me. I appreciate all the work that Yueshan has helped put into this project, taking on primarily the coding aspects.

That’s what I have for this week, I excited to show you next Friday some Christmas gift crochet ideas!


Yueshan’s Instagram:

Wolverine Stew: Winter Bakery

A fresh crop of withered leaves

Emerge from the unbroken snow

Letting the sunlight engulf my cracking face

It is cold, it is warm, I wish I could stay

Being at peace smells like

Sundae cherries, dirt, and soap

Now, waiting here among thoughts of

Empty chairs and amethyst stones and

Bread I baked last Saturday, long ago

Never tasting quite as sweet as

I’ve heard others say

But I’m happy they enjoy it

It’s been a while since the snow

There is a fog covering the

Lights of the apartment buildings

Floating like makeshift stars in the rain

And there is a warmth in the white fairy lights

And the band playing in the market

And the folks that shuffle close together

In and out of Main Street

There is a song tonight

And I am happy to join it

Wolverine Stew: Swimming

Sometimes I feel like life is

Breathing in


Breathe it out quick

Get your work done

In lights that feel

Far dimmer than

You remember

Sinking away from the surface

Breathing in


Breathe it out quick

And hope the woods can

Cure every wrongness in your





I know the red leaves should

Make me happy

So why am I still

Breathing in


Breathe it out quick

The leaves float

Higher than I can move

My frozen lungs

In a cold lake

I don’t want to

Go back

I don’t want to

Go back

I don’t want to

Breathing in


Breathing in


Breathing in

Wolverine Stew: Light

The orange-tinted western sky patterned with wisps of clouds

The fronts of rushing cars and trucks in the streets below

The windows of brick and steel buildings that I walk past

The waxing white moon above that can’t be captured by camera

The lamps that glimmer and shine in the dark and overtake my eyes

The intermittent yellow blinks of fireflies I hold in my palm

The strings of electrical white that illuminate a Toronto tapestry

The neon blue and melting wax of the lamp I brought with me

The monitor screen I write this on in the comforts of my room

All of them lighten my burden with their glow

Till when will we be tender

You tell me in too little words that our time is limited 

Your eyes staring straight ahead while stroking my arm

To what end will I time out 

Till you lose me while talking about the now 

In limited dim lit doom who am I to assume

That you would want to whether waning weather with me

Am I so semi permanent 

Is it so easy to slip away 

Still I find myself slipping to sleep

Slumped against some warmth 

Waiting while wanting

Wilting when knowing

MediaScape Musings # 5 : Fear Follower

My team finally finished the Visual Motion Capture project this week, but we changed the name to Fear Follower!! Let me introduce this project in detail:

The Fear Follower is an interactive experience integrating visual motion capture with robotics, dynamic visual projections, and immersive sound design. A visual projection of a large eyeball maintains an unwavering gaze on the user, tracking their every move around the room. Simultaneously, a robotic hand wheels itself toward the user, creating a dynamic and responsive connection between the installation and the individual. The culmination of these elements generates a strange ambiance that evokes a palpable sense of tension for the user. This synthesis of visual and auditory components is designed to immerse participants in a multi-sensory journey, pushing the boundaries of conventional interactive installations and redefining the relationship between users and their interactive environments.