PREVIEW: The Timbre of Cedar

From the Metro Detroit area, The Timbre of Cedar is coming to Ann Arbor to conquer the stage at The Ark. This 5 member alternative indie band is bringing their unique sound to the music scene. Strong vocalist Marrissa Parham will tantalize the stage with the soulful lyrics and emotions this band passionately evokes. With songwriter Chris DuPont opening, the night is bound to be one to remember.

8:00 PM. January 17. The Ark. Be there.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at or at the Michigan Union Ticket Office. This event is also free with a Passport to the Arts voucher! All the more reason to go!


REVIEW: Brett Dennen at the Blind Pig

Seeing any show at the Blind Pig, known for bringing relatively famous acts to Ann Arbor, is bound to be an experience.

Even before the opening act took the stage, the place was filled with people ranging from the minors on one side of me to the thirty/forty something couple on the other side. There were no fans running and little ventilation, so people were shedding outer layers like crazy as we waited.

Then Lily & Madeleine took the stage. As the couple next to me put it so well:

“Are they sisters?”

“I don’t know, but they’re cute as pie”


A quick Google search for this blog confirmed that they are in fact sisters hailing from Indiana, and they are definitely Midwestern–from “almost went to U of M” to writing a song about the city of Chicago.

The announcer mistakenly announced the venue as the Ark, and Lily & Madeleine’s music would have been a much better fit for that more relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed listening to their music–I’m downloading a couple albums Flume as I write this–but the acoustic and piano-heavy set was probably not the way to go opening for Brett Dennen at the Blind Pig.

The audience was one of rudest I’ve ever experienced. As you can probably hear in this video, it was hard to hear the music over the sound of everything talking and making noise. Most people weren’t paying attention to Lily & Madeleine, and one woman next to me kept texting in a phone that was on full brightness. It would have been one thing if the music was bad, but Lily & Madeleine proved themselves to be talented artists that didn’t deserve such a treatment.

Luckily the crowd calmed down by the time Brett took the stage.

Somehow Brett Dennen turned 36 the day of the concert, even though he looks like he stopped aging after 25. Brett’s boyish looks and figure make his music all the more endearing. Switching between two acoustic guitars, his crooned slower favorites like “Ain’t No Reason” and “Where We Left Off.” For the faster numbers, he brought out the electric guitar and shredded the heck out of it.


The crowd sang along to hits like “Wild Child,” “Comeback Kid,” and my personal favorite “Make You Crazy.” Singers like Brett Dennen make it impossible to stand in the crowd and not shake your head or shake your hips along to the music. Performers like Brett know when to point the microphone out to the audience, when to stand at the very front of the stage and jam with his tongue out, and when to take a break and ask the audience for their birthdays.

I freely admit that I am only a casual Brett Dennen fan, but I could easily become of the devoted fans that sang along to every one of his songs at the concert if I let myself. If you get a chance to see Brett in concert, I highly recommend it.

REVIEW: Knox Hamilton at the Blind Pig

What do you get when you bring a band from Little Rock to the Blind Pig on a Tuesday night? Catchy music and a great excuse to avoid the week’s workload.

Knox Hamilton is rare in two cases: not only are they a three man alternative rock band with a full sound, they also toured on the strength of a single song “Work it Out.” That is correct, you can only listen to and/or buy one of their songs.

For some bands, you might shrug and move on to the next Taylor Swift single, but Knox is one of the best bands I’ve seen at the Blind Pig. Not only did they joke around with the confidence of a more mature band, but their music was downright full of energy. Their EP should be dropping sometime in March and this is one collection of music I highly recommend purchasing.

Knox HamiltonUnder the trippy blue-red glow of the Blind Pig’s lights, we stood for a little less than an hour as the band played through its entire set. It was disappointing because their sound was infectious, and even better, there was only 1 filler song for the entire hour.

Knox Hamilton said they would return to Ann Arbor in the future and I fully recommend seeing them in concert.

Even better, they are active Twitter users: @KnoxHamilton



PREVIEW: Knox Hamilton @ The Blind Pig

Knox Hamilton is a new Indie-Alternative band straight out of Little Rock, Arkansas. As they describe themselves: “Fueled by the similar staples within their collective musical taste, the members of Knox Hamilton blend laid back guitar riffs and catchy bass lines with rhythmic drum beats and soaring vocals to produce a sound that’s as likely to make you want to visit the beach as it is to move your feet.”

Does that sound fun? Based on their single “Work it Out,” it should be awesome.

Where: Ann Arbor’s The Blind Pig
When: January 20th @ 8 pm
How: Walk, bike, or row your boat on over!
Cost: $12

You can follow them on Twitter: @knoxhamilton

And check out their web site here!

PREVIEW: Graham Colton at the Ark

Who: Graham Colton, singer-songwriter

Where: The Ark

When: THIS SUNDAY at 7:30 PM

How: Get tickets at the Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO) for only $15 a piece!

Here’s a preview of Colton 1.0
Graham Colton Performs “Telescope”

Over the past 18 months, Colton has been working on a new album–Lonely Ones–with an entirely different sound. The artist known for his hit single “Best Days,” is apparently moving away from his singer-songwriting tone into something more edgy.

Where Colton’s new direction take him? How will it sound? Come to The Ark and find out!

PREVIEW: Let’s Be Still

Who: The Head And The Heart

What: Let’s Be Still Tour 2013

Where: Royal Oak Music Theatre

When: Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 – 7:00PM

Starting Price: $25.00

Check out The Head And The Heart as they grace the stage with folky tunes and soulful singing. Come early to see performances by Thao & the Get Down Stay Down and Quiet Life. Buy tickets here. Don’t miss out!

Still having doubts? Here’s a little taste: The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind (Live on KEXP) Read More