Preview: Robert Redford+Co. Stomp The Yard

Robert Redford (Now-ish)

Actually, there will probably be no stomping.  Probably some clapping.  Maybe some hoots and hollers.  Our favorite Hollywood stud won’t be there either.  He’s also not the dude you remember from ‘Out of Africa’.  At 73, Robert Redford, the actor turned environmentalist and Sundance Film Festival creator, has decided to take his baby to the people.  On Thursday night, from a prerecorded video, Redford will address the 1700 seat, sold-out crowd at the Michigan Theater. For the first time in its history, Redford will introduce Sundance to the rest of the country.  As part of the new Sundance USA program, Sundance will leave its lush quarters in Park City, Utah and present films across the country.  On Thursday, Ann Arbor will join the ranks of Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Madison, and Nasheville in welcoming a film from this year’s Sundance Film Festival- along with the film’s directors.

Thursday’s film is “Cyrus”, a new comedy from brothers Jay and Mark Duplass.  Sundance tells us to expect to feel “a tingling, irresistible experience of utter discomfort”.  This discomfort with the discomfort of trying to decide who gets the armrests in a sold-out theater only sounds comforting to me.

Thursday, January 28.  7:30 pm. More info here:  Tickets are sold out but, like anything in this fair town, you can find a way to get in.  Check the box office day of, talk to craigslist, do what you gotta do. Sold out movie theaters are too fun.  Until then,  Bennett

Preview: This music will make you wanna ‘GROOVE’


If you dig percusion or love music similar to that of STOMP(who by the way get my vote for being one of the most creative and are great!) , then this show by GROOVE  is for you!

GROOVE” is University of Michigan’s very own high energy percussion group that combines use of traditional as well as non-traditional instruments (like garbage cans, poles, toothbrushes (really? ))  to bring out their own unique brand of music.

GROOVE in action!
GROOVE in action!

I watched their Polynesian Warriors on youtube. You might say that it is not an entirely original act as this has been done before (oh yeah, they say that are inspired by STOMP and use some ideas from them- especially the act with the poles, trash cans, et al). BUT,  I guess the way they meld their different sounds, the rhythmic arrangement and the choreography makes it different and refreshing. They do provide good entertainment!

When I think of percussion groups,  the traditional Japanese Kodo (these drummers are just so so fabulous!) and  Safri Duo (love their “Samb Adagio”) are my personal favorites . More recently, I watched the unique Keith Terry and the slammin’ all-body band and thought they were pretty good. Alas, I did not get to see ” The Blue Man Group” live when I was in Vegas. 

What I luuuuuuuv about percussion groups is that they are always so full of life and their enthusiasm just gets to you. You just can’t escape the rhythm and  it leaves you with a feeling similar to a runner’s high! I have huge respect for percussion groups. Nothing like attending one of those shows to get a quick dose of energy.

So getting back to the point, GROOVE will be performing  one such great show on  Friday, Dec 11th at the Michigan Theater @ 7 pm. Tickets are $5 and it is general admission.

Nothing like the some great drumming to  beat away your winter blues, huh? Get your GROOVE ON!

Krithika, for [art]seen

 Krithika is not practicing on her drum set only out of pure concern  for the well-being of her neighbors’ ears and for the minor fact that she doesn’t own one!   😉