Preview: Brewing Hope’s Barnstorm, Oct 3

Preview: Techno at Brewing Hope’s Barnstorm

Brewing Hope

When: Saturday, October 3rd, 10pm-2am

What: Brewing Hope‘s Barnstorm

Where: The Yellow Barn, 416 W Huron Street.

(2 blocks west of Main St., Ann Arbor.)

Michigan Electronic Dance Music Association (MEDMA) will be providing techno music to dance to.

Brewing Hope

$5 donations will benefit Music for Chiapas, a project that sends musical instruments to a co-operative in Southern Chiapas, Mexico (from where Brewing Hope gets its coffee).

Iced coffee (Brewing Hope blend) will be provided (as well as water).

Come out and support both your local coffee and local techno music.

By the way, did you know that the birthplace of techno is  nearabouts here — right here in Southeastern Michigan? In Detroit, more specifically.

Here is a poem which explains why techno was born in Detroit.

Why techno was born in Detroit

Sayan Bhattacharyya


could have been invented

only in


Techno saw the long-playing record not as something to be thrown away

but as a treasure to be sampled.

Techno saw discarded shells of former factories

not as structures to be torn down

but as spaces in which to make music.

Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson

and all the rest of the great disc jockeys

who came out of Detroit

wanted to achieve a transference of the spirit.

A transference of the spirit

from the machine of the turntable

to the flesh of

the dancing human body.

A transference of the spirit.

This dream of transference

could have been dreamed nowhere but

in Detroit.

Because Detroit was home

both to the machine and to the spirit.

It was in Detroit

that the fire-belching machines of the great industrial plants

like River Rouge

or the old Packard  factory


alongside the equally fiery passions

of Rhythm and Blues.


visions of automobile bodies of steel

in the clanging workshops of auto factories by day

used to give way

to the sound

of soul music

by night.

Body and soul.

Machine and spirit.

Detroit was the place where opposites clashed

and were overcome.

This is why techno was born in Detroit.


which was born in Detroit,

teaches us:

The long-playing vinyl record

is not something to be thrown away.

It is a treasure the DJ can play to make sound.

Shells of former factories

are not structures to be torn down.

They are spaces in which you can make music.

They are spaces in which you can make music.