REVIEW: The Little Dog Laughed

Going into “The Little Dog Laughed,” I had no information about it other than my friend was the assistant stage manager. As I looked at the program I was uncertain of how the play would unfold. I could infer that it was about celebrities of some sort and that it was a comedy. I saw the play on November 18 at the Walgreen Drama Center at 11PM. The set was so simplistic and yet it delivered the necessary atmosphere for the play. The show was put on by Basement Arts and involved four characters: an actor, his agent, an escort, and the escort’s “girlfriend.” Each actor portrayed an interesting personality. Madeline Sharton, who played Diane, was not afraid to get wild and she had unlimited movements, which made for a very exaggerated performance (in a good way). The audience at the show contributed a lot to the quality of the mood of the show. They laughed in all the right places and knew when to be silent as well. The play had a powerful message that I think a lot of college students can relate to because it was about staying true to yourself no matter what the circumstances. I really enjoyed this play because the acting was brilliant and the plot was wonderful. It was also cool seeing so many people that I have seen in plays around University of Michigan in the audience for a change. This play made me realize how much I love the University of Michigan theatre department because it is simply amazing that I can see such a high-quality play for free. I would encourage everyone to attend as many plays put on by Basement Arts and other drama groups here at our school because they are full of talent, emotion, and brilliance. To check out more events like this one go to:

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