PREVIEW: Little Women the Musical [finally!!!]

Not even words can capture how excited I am for this performance. I want to just set up a link that’ll take you to the soundtrack as soon as you click to read my preview so you can hear just how amazing and beautiful the songs of this show are. AND what’s extra exciting about seeing this performance of Little Women is not only because it’s put on by the musical theatre dept. here but because it’s directed by UM alumnus Danny Gurwin who starred in this musical on Broadway as Laurie!!! Do you realize how awesome this show is going to be?! I don’t even think I know how great it’s going to be. The show closed on Broadway after 137 performances (thanks, in spring of 2005, so I was forced merely to memorize every song on the soundtrack to satisfy my cravings for the beauty of this show…until NOW! Hooray!!

Performances will be December 8-11 in the Arthur Miller Theatre. I hope you find time to attend because it is going to be fantastic. Quoting from one of my favorite songs in the show, it is sure to be “astonishing.”

Read more about the performance and buy tickets here: