PREVIEW: Theo Katzman opens for Vienna Teng at The Ark


Saturday September 29, 2012

Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 pm

U of M School of Music alum and popular Ann Arbor singer-song writer Theo Katzman returns from his new home in New York City to open a show for Vienna Teng this Saturday at The Ark. The last time he performed in Ann Arbor was in August for the Sonic Lunch summer series which featured monthly musical performances in Liberty Square. On saturday he will be performing with Ann Arbor locals and School of Music student Joe Dart on bass and Julian Allen on drums.

About this weekend’s show, Theo Katzman said, “I love Ann Arbor and I love The Ark. It’s one of the only places where you can count on people to really listen. Ann Arbor has become a second home to me — I feel like its where I’m from.” And about starting off the show, “I’m honored to be opening for Vienna Teng. She’s an inspiring person.”

I say with confidence that Theo Katzman is one of my favorite musicians I’ve heard in the past….years. The last time I memorized an entire album was probably ‘NOW 4’ which I purchased circa 2000 and listened to devotedly. I’ve been playing Theo’s latest cd in my car on repeat all summer long and have all the songs memorized. Embarrassing? I’m not sure.

Here are some videos of songs from his album  Romance Without FinanceBrooklyn and and acoustic version of Every Few Days.Video work is done by the very creative  School of Art and Design alum Christine Hucal. I like dancing to the music she mixes in her videos in my free time. Some of my favorites include Crazy Secret Things and $itting at the Gan$ter Table. Check ’em out!

Julian Allen, Theo Katzman, and Joe Dart at Top of The Park 2011