Preview: Rhymenoceros in the HOUSE

I’m back! It’s been a long time and I was an ocean away last time you heard from me. Writing about the arts in Italy was a really great experience, but I definitely missed American musical theater and especially the culture of the arts in Ann Arbor. The Power Center

has been my favorite venue on campus for three years now and nothing like it existed in Bologna. Of course they had huge grandioso 200 year old theaters, but still, not the Power Center. And saying that, I am so happy to be back to art[seen] and to Ann Arbor. My first show, though only because I had to miss the Kidd Pivot performance :(, is the Théâtre de la Ville: Ionesco’s Rhinocéros performance. I’ve heard really great things about it and I would really like to see a show before going somewhere for fall break. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a show of any kind that I feel like I might explode if I don’t go to a show soon, so I chose the one where people randomly turn into rhinos. What can you do?

I am very interested in the show tonight, even if I make fun of the premise. The writer, Eugène Ionesco, was influenced by his time in Romania when everyone around him began converting to a more fascist way of life. Being an Italian major, I’ve spent so much of my academic concentration studying the culture, structure, and effects of fascism in Italy, Europe, and worldwide. I hope this play will continue to help us understand such a large part of the world’s darker history and entertain the us like only the theater can.

Normally here I would give a breakdown of how much I’m paying for tickets and everything, but I still don’t have my tickets and I’m sort of writing to you during class, so I will get the tickets afterword, but I assume student rush tickets are around $10 or you can use Passport to the arts vouchers. Other than that I can give you the other details.

What: Théâtre de la Ville: Ionesco’s Rhinocéros
Where: Power Center for the Performing Arts
When: Friday, October 12, 2012, 7:30pm and
Saturday, October 13, 2012 7:30pm

Maybe I’ll see you there! Happy break!

coming to you from Art History lecture,
Danny Fob

Danny Fob

I'm a Junior in LSA majoring in Italian and minoring in Art History. I love writing for art[seen] because it gives me the opportunity to show all of these amazing shows that the University brings to Ann Arbor. We get some world class performers and I would be really bummed if I missed out on anything that I'll never have to opportunity to see again. What you need to know about me? I'm not a writer, an art expert, and I didn't grow up around this much culture. I am a busy student at UofM, so if you are judging me for something, it's okay because I won't have time to respond. I'll just keep seeing shows and you can be jealous!