PREVIEW: Women’s Glee Club Fall Concert

From Johannesburg, to Cape Town, and back to Ann Arbor, the Michigan Women’s Glee Club hopes to share their summer experience through a musical facet in their upcoming fall concert.

The Glee Club spent the summer in South Africa, performing in four concerts and experiencing a unique culture and beautiful landscape unlike Ann Arbor’s. The club didn’t only learn about African culture, however. They encountered other choirs from New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, and California – the other four choirs who participated in the Ihlombe! Choral Festival from Classical Movements. The club’s blog from the trip can be found through this link:

The fall concert will highlight multiple pieces learned in South Africa, both native South African songs, as well as others learned from other touring choirs. The club will perform a song in Maori, an aboriginal New Zealand language, which is communicated through both sign language and song. Other pieces include a Belgian song performed in French, and an Australian piece called “Ngana,” which has an aggressive, funky sound. Listen for “Homeland,” a strong and emotionally-driven song about what it means to call a place home.

The club will be performing on Saturday, November 10 in Hill Auditorium at 8:00pm. Tickets are $5 for students.