REVIEW: Cadence Dance Company

Cadence Dance Company

This Saturday, Cadence Dance Company performed an evening length combination of pieces and it was fantastic. The student dance group consists of all female dancers who have backgrounds in ballet, lyrical, and modern dance as well as choreography. Each piece was a collaborative design, performed by two, four, six, or all of the company members at once. With the sounds of Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Brandi Carlile, Ellie Goulding, RJD2, Bass Necter,and more, the music ranged broadly over throughout the evening. The Cadence performance intermittently included cameos from other student groups such as Dance 2xs, Salto, and Rhythm Tap Ensemble. At the very end, all of the student groups combined to perform one large and energetic dance to finish the evening. It was an exciting, well rehearsed, and elegant performance. Of all the dance, I must say my favorite was a tribute to  David Bowie calle d”ode to The Pale White Duke.” The  dancers were  in vests and ties acted as marionettes to the sweet sound of “Station to Station.” Ahh David Bowie…really what could be better to move your body  to?