REVIEW: Krewella at ROMT

Krewellas marquee for the October 20 show
Krewella's marquee for the October 20 show
Pretty lights abound rounded out the auditory and visual Krew experience
Pretty lights abound rounded out the auditory and visual Krew experience

As of last night, I truly understand why EDM is meant to be experienced live rather than heard blasting from my earphones on a run through campus, studying, or any other non-live avenue. Krewella’s Detroit stop on the Get Wet tour at the Royal Oak Music Theatre far exceeded my concert expectations for their music after listening to their new debut album “Get Wet” on repeat for the past few weeks.
Although their Sunday all ages show was not a sell out, the energy in the venue remained high in part to the two opening acts, Candyland and Seven Lions. Although not familiar with their music before, I was pretty happy with what they had to offer. Both DJs combined their beats and drops with intense strobe lighting techniques that added to an already trippy atmosphere. I don’t mean trippy in the drugged out sense, but in a way that leaves you feeling like you’re outside of your body and element by moving in the same environment and to the same base-y music as so many other people around you. That spirit is really at the heart of why ravers and ragers keep coming back and seeing their favorite artists pump up a crowd and getting them to let loose. Although some concert goers may also be on other substances to enhance their experience, you don’t need to be on something to have fun here.
Krewella’s ability to mix pop vocals with an electronic sound was reinforced for me at this concert. Attendees shouted along to the fun lyrics while getting rowdy as the base built to some truly epic drops. The anticipation for these drops was so much greater live than non-live, exaggerated by the atmosphere and everyone waiting to go crazy when the base dropped. Krewella’s lights too, were quite the spectacle and the friend I was with commented on how high blast they were tonight. My favorite songs they performed were “Killin’ It,” “Live for the Night” and “Alive” because of how intense they got into their performance, making people want to dance and go harder. The Krew ended their set with “Enjoy the Ride” only to come back by audience demand for an encore, “Come and Get It.” But that wasn’t the end of the show either. Jahan brought up a guy named Andrew from the front row, announcing that this was his seventh show he’s been to on their tour. For his birthday coming up soon, we all sang “Happy Birthday,” after which point he got caked in the face, a staple at many raves. Krewella’s dedication to their fans knows no bounds, and with their fan base growing I hope they’ll be able to come back to Detroit soon in a larger venue.
Even though their set only lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, I could not have asked for a better time. While many students Sunday night were getting their studying on at Club Ugli, I “got wet” with the Krew.


Gabriella Ring is a LSA junior majoring in International Studies. She is an avid traveler and loves the great outdoors.