REVIEW: Kina Grannis concert


The concert began when California-based singer Kina Grannis casually walked into the venue.  The Blind Pig was empty except for around twenty people.  Kina was all smiles and enthusiastic, and when she began to play it was a warming experience the combination of her voice while she played on her acoustic guitar.  The lights lit up the floor and she was standing in the middle, right amongst us.  Her delightful attitude made the whole audience forget the cold and just want to siddle closer towards the singer and sway along with her tunes.  I could only think how lucky I was to see her up close in a pre-concert show.  Her voice was natural and, with only the acoustic guitar for accompaniment, it was almost surreal how her performance came to us from the YouTube star we were used to seeing on the computer.

Afterwards followed the main show.  Kina Grannis recently married another YouTube singer who goes by the name, Imaginary Future.  Her husband was the first to come to the stage, as the opener for her show.  Imaginary Future did a charming set of mellow, comforting tunes that really supported the more upbeat songs Kina followed with.  The idea of getting married then going on tour together was a really romantic picture.  Her husband began the concert with a kind smile and spoke so tenderly about how proud he was to be on tour with Kina.  And seeing them play on stage together during the main concert only added to the experience.

To describe the way she sang, it’s easier to just give you the chance to listen to her yourself, and recommend, if you enjoy honest love songs, to see her live.  The audience was encouraging and drawn to her music and you could tell the number of people who had been devoted followers of her YouTube presence.  The way to becoming a singer has really changed over the years, and Kina demonstrates that.  Not only is she a special talent, but she took advantage of a special opportunity to reach millions of people with her music.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of Kina Grannis before! So cool that YouTube is becoming such a useful platform for musicians, and that you were able to be a part of an offline experience.

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