PREVIEW: Handel’s Messiah

Handel's Messiah Poster   (courtesy of UMS)
Handel’s Messiah Poster (courtesy of UMS)

What: Handel’s Messiah
Who: Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and the UMS Choral Union
Where: Hill Auditorium
When: Saturday, Dec. 16th at 8pm
and Sunday, Dec. 17th at 2pm

It has been said that ‘the holiday season in Ann Arbor is never officially underway until Handel’s Messiah is performed at Hill Auditorium.’ While the local radio stations may disagree, the truth is that Handel’s Messiah is consistently one of the best performances you will see at Hill. It has become a familial tradition for many people to attend every year, and for good reason. Handel’s Messiah is a grandiose piece in both in terms of quality and the talent required to put on a performance of it. The talent that will be performing this weekend consists of the UMS Choral Union in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

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