PREVIEW: Saki Mafundikwa (Stamps Speaker Series)

“Graphic designer, educator, author, filmmaker and farmer Saki Mafundikwa is a visionary who left a successful design career in New York to return to his native Zimbabwe and open that country’s first school of graphic design and new media. The author of Afrikan Alphabets, a comprehensive review of African writing systems, Mafundikwa has participated in exhibitions and workshops around the world, contributed to a variety of publications and lectured about the globalization of design and the African aesthetic. Mafundikwa says, “As a designer, I really believe that Africa can change the design landscape. There is enough stimuli in Africa to inspire young designers of all kinds — from graphics to architecture, furniture, fashion, product, interior and other forms of design.” Description taken from the Michigan Theater website. As part of the Stamps Speaker Series, this week artist Saki Mafundikwa will be talking about the African alphabet and the emergence of African art in contemporary design.

When: March 19, 5:10pm
Where: Michigan Theater
Admission price: Free

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