The new movie by Jordan Peele has been greatly anticipated since the masterpiece that was Get Out. We all knew Peele was a comic genius when paired up with his partner in crime, Keegan-Micheal Key, but we didn’t know the depth and breadth of his creativity until this genre defying film debuted. Get Out was one of my favorite movies of 2017. It’s haunting mix of reality and fantasy with hints of humor celebrated Black culture while also pointing out the fact that we aren’t really that far from living in a horror film. Us looks like it will host some similar themes while going all the way to the horror genre. Peele described Get Out as a documentary which has made some uneasy after seeing trailers for Us, but luckily, he has come out saying that Us is a full on horror movie and we need not worry. Based on the stunning trailers I’ve seen, this film truly does look creepy. I fully expect to be squeezing my boyfriend’s hand the entire time.

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