PREVIEW: Oscar Nominated Shorts: Documentary

Billy Porter wearing Christian Siriano at the Academy Awards, 2019.

The Oscars are an event in many realms: fashion, celebrity gossip, film. Here is decided the best in that dress, the least-promising Hollywood marriages, and the most powerful audiovisual works of the year. While I love all sorts of movies, I have always been partial to short films. They have so much to accomplish in a fraction of the time feature-length films have; it’s thus a unique medium that results in stories with an odd edge to them. Often you’re left with surreal feelings after being thrown into and out of another world. I’m much more poignantly affected in this way.

For the 15th year, Oscar-nominated shorts are being shown in theaters all over. Determine your favorites and see if the Academy agrees on February 9th.

The documentary category will surely be a treat this year, with five selections from around the world featuring the heavy-hitting work of journalistic artists. Choose from a variety of showtimes through February 13th!


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