Preview: The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a new miniseries on Netflix that came out on October 23rd and contains 7 episodes which are about 1 hour each. The series follows an orphaned girl named Beth who discovers prodigal skills in chess in the basement of her orphanage with the custodian. As she ages, she begins to gain notoriety in the chess world and improve her skills, while struggling with addiction and confusion about her place in the world and her connections to other people. The show is based on a book with the same name, and is unfortunately fiction. I am excited to watch this show because it stars a woman excelling in a man’s world, which is always empowering. I was also recommended to watch it by others, and I love to learn more about games and areas that I know nothing about (I have never played chess before!).


Hi all! I am a current U of M senior majoring in psychology. I love to experience arts events, share them with others, and engage in discussion about them as well. So please feel free to comment on my reviews! Outside of classes, I am in an a cappella group, sorority, psychiatry lab, clinical internship, and honors psychology club. I also did theater throughout high school, and have always felt highly engaged with and connected to the arts. Thanks for visiting our Art[seen] blog and happy reading :)

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  1. When I saw the series topped in Netflix’s Top Watch and been talked all over the place, I watched it. The series shouts a clear women empowerment story. I do know how to play chess but not as same as Beth. Its blows my mind. This series clearly deserves a season 2.

  2. The 7 episodes is not enough for me. I want more hahahaha. The series clearly shouts a women empowerment story. This needs a season 2.

  3. Imo another great performance came from newcomer Moses Ingram, who played Jolene, a fellow orphan and future savior of Harmon. Her character also experienced massive growth, and Ingram does a wonderful job illustrating Jolene’s growth into an empowered woman of color. Thanks for this article!

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