PREVIEW: The Batman

This Saturday at 8:30 pm, The Batman plays at Regal Stonestown Galleria ScreenX, 4DX, & RPX Theater in San Francisco. 

Freshly released this Friday, March 4th, this highly anticipated D.C. film features an exciting lineup of Robert Pattinson’s debut as Batman, along with Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. 

I, personally, have never watched Twilight, nor any Batman movies. So this will be my first exposure to the Batman cinematic universe aside from well, The Lego Movie and Teen Titans Go!, both which I watched over half a decade ago. I’m looking forward to watching the two hour, fifty-six minute flick with fresh eyes. Director Matt Reeves describes this film as a look into the “early days of being Batman.” However it’s not an origin story– instead, the film navigates the struggles this untraditional superhero must endure, and how he endures them. The movie will also explore deeply psychological aspects of the corruption within Gotham City. 

The trailer seems promising– dark lighting, intense gazes, plenty of fires and explosions. With Nirvana’s Something in the Way crooning through the action, and heavy downpours littering the cityscape, returning to my hometown (San Francisco) to watch this movie, seems fitting.

If you’d prefer to wait it out and watch from home, the movie will also be available on HBO Max on April 19th.

Featured image is a screenshot from the Batman trailer:

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