PREVIEW: Perspectives: An Exhibition of AAPI Expression

Tomorrow night, March 10th, prance to the Michigan Union’s Rogel Ballroom for MA:E Magazine’s Perspectives Gallery, held from 6-8pm

MA:E is a “publication and creative collective by and for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community.” To commemorate AAPI Heritage Month next month, they are collaborating with Stamps Student Life to “showcase an exhibition and celebration of the free expression and creative talent of the AAPI community at the University of Michigan.” Artwork in mediums including photography, paintings, illustrations, videos, clothing design, storytelling, and performances of poetry/ prose will be presented. The gallery also welcomes Alexa Borromeo, Stamps Class of 2016, as the night’s guest speaker. The dress code is semiformal. MA:E requests that you fill out this RSVP Form no later than Wednesday, March 9th if you plan to be in attendance:

As an Asian American creative, I’m excited to meet other Asian creators from both MA:E and the larger community of U of M. As someone constantly surrounded by writing, viewing visual art is always refreshing, relaxing, and sparks inspiration for my own craft. In comparison to writing, fine art is sometimes easier to consume, and quicker to get an immediate response to. My favorite thing about visual art is that two people can look at a piece together, simultaneously. Art is really cool because when it’s hung up somewhere, it defines that space. I really look forward to entering a space of culture and art that lifts and honors AAPI voices. And getting to enjoy each piece with the company of a friend.

Featured Image:

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