The record-breaking, history-making K-pop boy band, BTS, is holding their first concert of 2022 this Saturday, March 12th. You can watch the BTS Permission To Dance ON STAGE – SEOUL: LIVE VIEWING at both 4:30pm or 8:30pm at Ann Arbor 20 + IMAX theater in Ypsilanti. The actual concert will be held in Seoul, South Korea, but broadcasted to select theaters around the world, only on Saturday, March 12th. The price of one ticket is $35.00 + service fee.

BTS is my favorite band. They’ve broken cultural barriers as a foreign group who have gained global popularity, despite singing mostly in Korean. I have been to one other BTS concert live viewing before, and the theater was loud. I anticipate that this Saturday, the theater will be filled with fellow ARMY’s (BTS fans), and for BTS lightsticks to be flicked on, waving in action.

The Ann Arbor theater added four separate shows for both viewing times – eight theaters total – after the first showing nearly sold out immediately. So there’s plenty of tickets to go around!

Something to note is that due to South Korea’s COVID restrictions, the audience is not allowed to make any noise, a quite hilarious request for fans at a concert. Instead, the venue will hand out clappers – yes, these things:

– for fans to clap with. 

Here are some priceless screenshots from official concert etiquette guides:


In the theater, there will be no such restraints. Cheer, dance, and sing all you want!

BTS (방탄소년단) PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL: LIVE VIEWING SPOT (trailer/ info video):

Get tickets here!

Featured image:

‘things to know before attending the concert’ images:



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